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What is Oncor’s role in the Texas electric market?

Oncor builds, operates and maintains the poles, wires, meters and other electrical equipment used to deliver electricity from power plants to homes and businesses. Oncor is charged with ensuring that electricity is delivered safely and reliably and that the frequency and duration of electric outages — whether due to storms, accidents or equipment malfunctions — are within established standards. We also strive to provide superior service to our electricity customers through a continual investment in new equipment and rebuilding and upgrades to our transmission and distribution system.
Because of deregulation of the Texas electricity market, consumers can choose which company they want to buy their electricity from. The companies who sell electricity are called Retail Electric Providers (REP). Oncor owns, operates and maintain the poles, wires and the meters used to deliver electricity from the power plants to homes and businesses for the REP that you have chosen. Oncor does not buy or sell electricity, we just deliver the electricity.
-Mike M., Ask Oncor Manager​

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