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Why do I have colored flags in my yard?

​Colored flags in your yard are usually an indication of someone preparing to perform excavation work, plant trees or shrubbery or install a fence to name a few reasons. Normally, these flags are placed in yards by an underground line locating company, such as Texas811, per the homeowner’s request. Sometimes the gas, cable or water companies may need to repair, upgrade or install new underground service. It may be necessary for them to have these lines marked and sometimes they may have to mark the lines buried in your yard so that they may safely perform their work and prevent any underground services from being damaged.
State law requires having underground lines located before digging 16 inches or deeper. Anyone preparing to do excavation work to dig around buried service wires would need to contact Texas’ underground service wires locator service by calling 8-1-1. It is necessary to contact them at least 48 hours in advance of digging to request service wires be located. When this is needed, you may see a variety of colored flags in your yard depending on which underground service needs to be located. Each color represents which company’s underground service is buried in that area. The most common flag colors are red for the electric utilities, yellow for the gas utilities and orange for the communication or cable companies. For more information regarding the colored flags or the process for underground line location can be found on the Texas811 web site at or by calling 8-1-1.
-David R., Oncor Distribution Expert

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