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Category: Meter

How do I read my meter to verify usage by computer?

If you have an advanced meter (this is a meter that has a digital face and labeled as Landis & Gyr Focus AX series), you can track your usage at the Smart Meter Texas Portal (http://www.smartmetertexas.com/), a website run by the Public Utility Commission of Texas. On this site, you enter in your ESI ID number (located on your electric bill) and your meter number, which you can find on the meter itself, to register your advanced meter and begin tracking your electricity consumption on a day-after basis down to 15-minute increments. This website has a list of FAQs (https://www.smartmetertexas.com/CAP/public/home/home_faq.html) and demo videos (https://www.smartmetertexas.com/CAP/public/home/home_demo.html) to help.
In order to use the Portal, you must have a provisioned advanced meter. An advanced meter has been provisioned when we have manually confirmed that the new meter has registered usage and correctly communicated information through the smart grid system. This generally occurs 30 to 60 days after the advanced meter has been installed.
As for electromechanical meters (these are the older meters that have five spinning dials on the face), you cannot track your electric usage online. Visit Oncor’s Smart Texas (http://www.smarttexas.com/) website and click here (http://www.oncor.com/tech_reliable/smarttexas/deployment.aspx) to enter your ESI ID to find out when your home is slated to get an advanced meter.
-Jon P., Oncor Advanced Meter Expert​