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How do I find out which electric companies serve my area?

Oncor is the largest electric delivery company in Texas, serving approximately a third of the state. We maintain the poles, wires and the meters used to deliver electricity from the power plants to the homes and businesses for the Retail Electric Provider that you have chosen to purchase your electricity from. Oncor does not buy or sell electricity, we just deliver the electricity. Think of Oncor like FedEx or UPS. We just deliver. You actually buy power from an REP. Because of deregulation of the Texas electricity market, consumers can choose which REP they want to buy their electricity from.
To find out who your electric delivery company is or to choose a Retail Electric Provider, visit the Public Utility Commission of Texas Power to Choose website. Type in your zip code and click “Submit.”
In the screen that comes up, you can see which electric delivery company serves your area (in a box on the left-hand side) and which REPs and plans are available to you (scroll through option on right).
-Marty S., Oncor Customer Relations Expert​