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Category:  Billing / Rates

If you switch providers mid billing, is there a double charge for advance meter?

​Oncor schedules and works a switch in Retail Electric Providers based upon information contained in the transaction sent to Oncor by your new REP. A standard switch will be worked within seven business days of the date received by Oncor. If you would like to specify a date for your switch, self-selected switches are worked by Oncor on the date specified in the transaction, provided a minimum of three business days notice has been provided. There is a $3.70 charge for working self-selected switches. There is no charge for standard switches.
If a switch results in a bill that is for less than 28 days, the non-consumption charges, such as the customer charge, advanced meter surcharge and other similar charges, will be prorated based upon the number of actual days in the billing period. For example, if a switch occurred resulting in a customer bill for only seven days of service, the customer’s non-kWh-based charges, like the $2.19 advanced meter surcharge, would be prorated. In that case, the advanced meter surcharge for the shorter, 7-day billing cycle would be only $0.51 (calculations: seven divided by 30 days, multiplied by the $2.19 meter monthly surcharge, equals $0.51).
-Marty S., Oncor Customer/REP Relations Expert

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