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Why is my electric bill so high? How can I lower it?

​Your electric bill is based on the amount of electricity you use and the rate charged by your Retail Electric Provider (REP), which includes Oncor’s costs to deliver the electricity to your home or business.
One way to reduce your electric bill is to reduce your usage. Some useful tips are:

-During the summer keep your thermostat on 78 degrees or above.

-During the winter keep your thermostat on 68 degrees or below.

-In the summer, keep your window coverings closed during the hottest part of the day.

-Turn off lights whenever you leave a room.

Many electronics continue to use a small amount of power when they are turned off. These "phantom" loads occur in most electronics or appliances that use electricity, such as cell phone chargers and other plug-in electronics. Phantom loads can be avoided by unplugging the device from the wall outlet or utilizing a power strip to cut off all power to the appliance.
These are just a few tips you can use, however you can also visit www.takealoadofftexas.com for more of Oncor’s energy efficiency tips. Another way to reduce your electric bill is to evaluate your REP’s price or rate. You can visit www.powertochoose.com for more information on electric choice and a comparison of currently available rate plans.
-Mike M., Ask Oncor Manager